Protection from the elements for your Outdoor Lifestyle.

Can I use an indoor TV outside ?

Can I use an indoor TV outside ?

Outdoor living has become quite the trend these days with people moving from their living rooms to the great outdoors to expand living space and entertain in the ambiance of nature. Most people who place a TV outdoors mount it under some sort of existing protection like a patio, under the eaves of the house or in a separate outdoor living area complete with grill and fireplace.

While mounting your TV under cover does provide some protection from the harsh elements that can rapidly destroy an exposed TV, it doesn’t address the issue of harmful condensation or protection from direct sunlight or dust.

You can always cover your outdoor TV in large trash bag sealed tightly from the elements to provide the best protection. Wrong. First, you don’t want a trash bag as the focal point of your new outdoor oasis. Secondly, sealing your TV completely with a non-breathable material is a big mistake. We all know that with the rise and fall of temperatures sealed plastic will accumulate condensation, which is harmful to your TV and the fragile electronic components within.

An outdoor TV cover can in most cases greatly reduce the amount of moisture and other air born contaminants your TV is exposed to on a continuing basis. No outdoor TV cover is completely waterproof and those manufactured with vinyl or have a plastic backing will keep the rain out but keep in damaging condensation. Waterproof breathable fabric is the best choice for covering your outdoor TV, it allows heat and moisture to escape aiding in the prevention of condensation and mildew while still repelling exterior moisture.

Now, if you are really serious about protecting your investment you can take further steps to ensure the longevity of your al fresco TV. There are several products like Cortec™ that you can spray directly on the electronic components to prevent corrosion. These work extremely well but require you to remove the back panel of the TV, which can be a daunting task.

An Audio/Video professional I know swears by this stuff and has installed components literally 100 yds from the ocean in an open air café and they are still corrosion free after several years of use. Talk to an A/V installer if you don’t want to tackle this one alone.

Whether you are having the guys over to watch the big game or just relaxing on the patio watching your favorite home improvement show, armed with a little knowledge and the proper gear and you can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle for years to come.